T.O. Meek


Tommieke (Meek) Pierson, 27 years old, is also influenced by southern rappers. He started rapping at a young age. He grew up in Patterson, New Jersey, and met his rap partner, ThuGod, when he was a kid. Meek grew up and quickly got tired of the street life. He decided to do something better with his life. He knew that his talent was one that needed to be shared and heard all over this world. ThuGod unfortunately ran into some trouble and ended up in prison. While ThuGod was in prison, T.O. Meek took the opportunity to perfect his sound. He stayed in the studio working. T. O. Meek released a banger called, “Lil Baby Freestyle”. He states that he wants to give his son something to be proud of, and he wants him to know that with hard work he can be anything he wants when he grows up. He enjoys spending time with his son when he is not in the studio. You can find T.O. Meek on Instagram @ T_O_meek.

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